Fixed Route Fares

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Ride Cards

Express Ride Cards are good for any fixed, express, or shuttle route.  Ride Cards are good for 10 rides and cost less than paying all the fares individually.  Express Ride Cards are available for purchase from the bus driver on any express route and do not expire.  Pricing is as follows:

Individual Price
 Adult  $33.00 ($4.50 savings)
 Student  $25.00 ($2.50 savings)
 Persons with Disabilities  $16.50 ($2.00 savings)
 Seniors  $16.50 ($2.00 savings)
 Children  $16.50 ($2.00 savings)

Cash or checks are accepted. Make checks payable to “Clermont County Treasurer”

CTC also accepts “Commuter Checks” issued by the Federal Government.

Individual Cash Fares (without a Ride Card)
 Adult  $3.75
 Student(with a student ID)  $2.75
 Persons with Disabilities*  $1.85
 Seniors*  $1.85
 Children (48″ and under)  $1.85

* To receive this fare you must fill out a discount fare application with CTC (PDF)

1/2 Price Transfers with METRO & TANK

Metro fare information

Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) fare information