Bus Advertising

Want to Increase Exposure to your Business? Bus Advertising is for you!

Why should you advertise on a CTC bus?

CTC offers several options for your business
Each one gives your business more exposure than it is getting now!

The Full Wrap
By covering the bus front to back, top to bottom you get the maxim exposure.  This method also allows for the most creativity when designing your advertising.

Side of Bus Advertising
This is a more common and less expensive option, available in varying sizes and styles and is a very cost-effective way of increasing exposure.

Rear of Bus Advertising
The rear of the bus is an area many people see, especially when traffic becomes congested.  The rear of Bus Advertising is available in various sizes and shapes starting at a basic rectangle going all the way up to cover the entire back of the bus in an advertisement.

Prices are subject to change, and may vary depending on quantity or if your agency is classified as “non-profit.”

For information call:
CTC Director