Helpful Links

Go-METRO (Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority)

Metro is Southwest Ohio’s fixed route bus service. Providing more than 22 million rides per year, Metro brings approximately 20% of downtown Cincinnati’s workforce into the city. Metro service operates 365 days a year and serves Hamilton County residents along with some commuter trips from Clermont, Warren and Butler counties into Cincinnati.

TANK (Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky)

The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) has provided transit services to Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties as well as downtown Cincinnati since 1973.  TANK offers a “Downtown Connection” taking people from their homes in Northern Kentucky to jobs downtown as well as service to work sites in the southern areas of the Northern Kentucky region, with fast “reverse-commute” bus service.  Express buses travel the expressway, providing more direct access to the Downtown Cincinnati Central Business District.

BCRTA (Butler County Regional Transit Authority)

The Butler County Shuttle provides demand response service to citizens of Butler County.

BCRTA is also the lead agency in the Butler County Transit Alliance.  The Alliance consists of social service agencies, advocates, businesses and community leaders who feel that if we work together, share resources and drop the “walls” of the systems, we can create more affordable transportation options for those who need it in Butler County.

Warren County Transit Service

The Warren County Transit Service (WCTS) provides demand response service to citizens of Warren County.