Transfers Between CTC, METRO & TANK

image of ctc, metro and tank buses lined up downtown

CTC, Cincinnati Metro, and TANK are now offering half-priced transfers between all the systems. To get a half-priced transfer, inform your bus driver you wish to transfer when you board the bus. Your bus driver will give you a transfer ticket, in which you must then give to the driver of the next bus you board.

The below example is for routes 2X & 4X ONLY

Adult fares riding CTC first
CTC fare *$3.30 -> Half priced Metro fare $.85 Total $4.15
Adult fares riding Metro first (from Zone 1)
Metro fare (with $.50 transfer fee) $2.25 -> Half priced CTC fare $1.65 Total $3.90
*This fare is if you use a Ride Card, without ride card fare is $3.75
If you have questions about your specific transfer fare please feel free to contact us.
Questions? call 732-7433 x2